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2013 Thematic Workshop November 20-22

Following the kick-off meeting of the MICGN network held at TERI University in New Delhi in January 2013, this will be the first thematic workshop organized by Jadavpur University in Kolkata. The objective is to work on joint publications and to come up with research ideas regarding conceptualizing the role of multilevel climate governance in transition to low carbon economic growth. We aim to provide a better understanding of both drivers and constraints of multiple sources of bottom up/ grass-root innovations, the traditional technology transfer argument, reverse innovation, disruptive technology development in facilitating mitigation and adaptation. The workshop would encourage exchange of knowledge regarding  conceptual, theoretical, methodological and empirical/ observational development in this area.

The broad thematic areas under which the submission will take place are:

- Conceptualizing Multilevel Governance in transition processes to low carbon growth

- Multi-level Climate Policies: Emergence, Implementation, Challenges and Opportunities in India and Europe

- Sectoral Examples: Success Stories and Failure Stories of climate related governance in local, national and sub-national level as well as global context.