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Lisa studied political science and communication science in Berlin, Munich and Barcelona. During her studies she focused on climate and environmental policies as well as development studies. She focused on issues of water governance and of legitimacy and effectiveness of international and transnational regimes. In her diploma she designed a private regime on virtual water and examined its chances of realization.

Lisa joined the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) in 2008 as student assistant, working in different projects on sustainability governance. Since May 2011 she has been working as research fellow in projects on environmental strategy development and resource efficiency.

She was Conference Manager of the ‘2010 Berlin Conference of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change’ and will hold that position again for the 2012 Berlin Conference which will deal with ‘Evidence for Sustainable Development’.

During her study she completed internships at the German Bundestag, the Environmental Department of the Deutsche Bahn and at the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Key research areas: Environmental strategies and strategy development, sustainability governance, resource policies (in particular virtual water), effectiveness of international and transnational regimes

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