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Rainer Quitzow joined the Environmental Policy Research Centre in August 2009. His research focuses on policies for the promotion of green economic development and innovation. He is responsible for the research project entitled „Lead Market Strategies – First Mover, Early Follower, Late Follower“. The project compares strategies for promoting lead markets for environmental innovations in Europe and the BRICS countries.

 Before joining the Environmental Policy Research Centre, Rainer Quitzow worked in the field of international development with a focus on governance, natural resources management and international trade policy. At the World Bank in Washington, DC he conducted governance and social impact analysis for the preparation of national development programs in Latin America and Africa. As a consultant for the Overseas Development Institute and Oxfam Germany he performed research and advocacy work in the field of international trade and development.

Rainer Quitzow holds an M.A. in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague and a B.A. in Metropolitan Studies from New York University.


Research foci: Green Growth and Innovation: innovation and market effects of environmental policy, green economic and innovation policy, comparative analysis of sustainable development strategies in government and business

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